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Disc stack separators

The wide range of ANDRITZ two-phase and three-phase separators includes both solid-bowl and self-cleaning units. The use of high quality materials allows the separators to be used in many different applications.

Dairy process

Dairy process

Product range

  • Two-phase and three-phase separators for liquid/liquid and liquid/liquid/solids separation
  • Solid bowl separators
  • Self-cleaning separators with automatic discharge for continuous production flow
  • Gear drive and flat belt drive combined with innovative use of frequency converter
  • Bowl sizes optimized for different flow rates and capacities

Main assets

  • High-quality construction material suitable for various application fields
  • High separation efficiency resulting from accurate choice of dimensions for all components of the bowl
  • Large bowl sludge chamber volume to reduce the number of discharges per unit of time
  • Versatile operation, such as:
    • clarification, debacterization, full skimming, standardization, and concentration for milk processes  
    • animal fat purification
    • degumming, neutralization, and washing for edible vegetable oils
    • glycerin separation, clarification, purification, refining, and filtration in the biodiesel and mineral oil industries

Main applications

       Dairy products, beverages, wine, beer, olive oil, edible vegetable oil, animal fat, biodiesel
Chemical industry:   Process water, mineral oil filtration, slop oil, lube oil, cooling oil, cutting oil



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