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BrainWave advanced process control

Solutions for controlling the plant at peak efficiency

ANDRITZ offers a suite of advanced control solutions - BrainWave - that are revolutionizing control at industrial operations around the world. BrainWave helps a plant to remove bottlenecks, reduce energy consumption, produce higher quality metal products more consistently, and to lower production costs.

Historically, advanced process control technologies have been deployed only at large scale petrochemical plants where the high cost of implementation and maintenance could be supported.

BrainWave will change advanced process control. This patented controller can be implemented quickly. It is robust and stable and is used by operators continuously. With BrainWave, advanced process control can now be applied in an effective and economical manner in a wide variety of industries.

Control stabilization

BrainWave is a patented advanced controller that outperforms traditional Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control. BrainWave outperforms PID systems because of its two main components: an adaptive model and a predictive controller.

BrainWave builds its own live models during normal plant operations - a powerful feature not offered by traditional Model Predictive Control (MPC) systems.

BrainWave’s predictive controller accurately forecasts process responses and accounts for multiple objectives. It adapts to process conditions, such as changes in production rate, keeping the process on target. BrainWave can also accept measured disturbance inputs, like raw materials properties, and takes corrective action before the process is pushed off target (PID, by comparison, must wait for the error to occur, and then reacts).

BrainWave easily integrates with existing control systems and its patented Laguerre technology means an average implementation time of just a few weeks. Best of all, the plant’s own staff can support and deploy BrainWave.

Control screens at a pulp mill in Chile

Control screens at a pulp mill in Chile



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