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State-of-the-art hydroentanglement units

Hydroentanglement units produce fabrics using all types of raw materials, staple fibers, and continuous filaments.

Injectors: the core of the hydroentanglement process

The ANDRITZ hydroentanglement process is based on a number of key patented components which deliver high performance up to 400 bar pressure. The core of the hydroentanglement unit is the injector. Its design and performance is key to producing first-class needle water for the process.  

ANDRITZ Perfojet has a patented injector design that ensures water purity and produces excellent distribution. To maintain water purity, a cartridge inside the injector performs final filtration of process water just before the water needle strip. Another innovation is the patented seal-holding system that allows routine injector maintenance without downtime and ensures a perfect seal.

EXH (EXtra Hard) strips were developed by our experts using the latest computer-based fluid mechanics modeling tools. The EXH strip is made of extra durable materials to resist wear caused by water passing through the injector holes at high speeds.

Efficient water recirculation and filtration

ANDRITZ Perfojet developed its proprietary highly efficient and environmentally sound water recirculation and filtration system to ensure continuous production with the highest yield. One priority is to optimize the filtration for synthetic and/or natural fiber processing. The filtration process removes all particles, from the largest down to the finest, by passing the process water through the main filtration systems: flotation cell, band filters, sand filters, and bag filters.  

Jetlace Essentiel for the production of lightweight spunlace fabrics

Patented injector, including filter cartridge, ensures the final filtration of water right before the strip.

Patented injector, including filter cartridge, ensures the final filtration of water right before the strip.


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