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Nonwovens finishing technologies

ANDRITZ offers finishing technologies tailored for different chemical finishes, mechanical surface treatments, and lamination results desired

Different chemical finishes are used to achieve versatile product properties of nonwovens: hydrophilic, permanently hydrophilic, anti-static, alcohol-repellent, flame-resistant, and so on. ANDRITZ finishing technologies help to create these properties with systems for dosing, application (low add-on/impregnation), dewatering, and drying. The technologies are supported with automated process control systems and complete documentation.

Surface treatment processes by ANDRITZ range from calendering technologies (for embossing of wipes, compacting/calibrating filter materials, and perforating diaper top sheets) to hydroentanglement technologies for the softening of spunbond nonwovens.

Laminated composites are also gaining importance. ANDRITZ offers two different calendering technologies for lamination: ultrasonic or thermal.

Fluorocarbon impregnation of nonwovens for medical applications help to repel alcohol, oil, and water

Individual embossing of wipes ensures brand awareness

An example of laminated composites for industrial applications

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