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neXformer - the core of ANDRITZ wetlaid technology

Integrated wetlaid formation with distribution, headbox, inclined wire section, and dewatering box

The fiber suspension from stock preparation is pumped into the distribution system of neXformer with a large volume of water and then flows into the headbox. Uniform pressure and optimal flow ensure that the fibers settle on the wire in the correct way to form a quality web. The web moves downstream while most of the water drains through the wire back into the white water tank and continues in re-circulation.

As an option, a double headbox can be employed for two layers of suspension. In this way, fibers from different sources can be deposited layer by layer. This causes the fibers in the different layers to mingle with one another, with the result that both layers are entangled without requiring any auxiliaries. Typical end uses for a double headbox are tea bags (synthetic and cellulose fibers) and filter materials (micro glass and cellulose fibers).




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