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Low add-on: more than just a kiss

In close cooperation with leading chemical suppliers, ANDRITZ has custom-tailored the kiss roll technology for high-speed use in the nonwovens industry.

A high percentage of spunbond production is used for diaper top sheets. To allow fast dispersal of the moisture to the suction core of the diaper, the hydrophobic raw material (polypropylene) is treated with a hydrophilic spin finish. Here it is essential that only a small quantity of the invisible hydrophilic chemical is placed exactly in the correct position.

The ANDRITZ neXkiss is perfect for this. It is ideal for low-add on, single-sided application of hydrophilic or permanently hydrophilic finishes to the nonwoven top sheets of diapers. The system can also apply other finishes.

ANDRITZ kiss roll technology refines and integrates design details to fit the properties of spin finishes and the sophisticated process requirements in the nonwovens industry. The neXkiss in combination with the liquor preparation station, neXdos, offer a process-oriented solution that ensures the highest product quality, production stability, and the best possible liquor handling. As an extension to the basic product, neXkiss plus combines the principle of the kiss roll application with a two-in-one machine for more flexibility. Two troughs and applicator rolls create many production possibilities. The compact design of neXkiss plus requires little space in the production line. Short web guiding ensures maximum production stability and minimum fabric impact.

Exact positioning of the invisible hydrophilic stripes across the web at full production speed is a real challenge for nonwovens manufacturers. Drying, cutting, and winding of the web changes the dimensions and position of the stripes. This is why alignment of the machine for stripe application is a critical step that must be conducted at production speeds, and often produces enormous waste. The ANDRITZ neXdetect system is unique in the detection of invisible chemical stripes on nonwovens and reduces the alignment waste to a minimum. It can be used inline as well as offline for quality control and documentation.

neXkiss plus

The two-in-one machine: neXkiss plus offers many options for low add-on applications

The patented detection system contributes to first-class quality, production increases, and significant cost savings


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