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Spunlace line solutions

Build up your future in spunlace

For more than three decades, ANDRITZ has led the technical innovations in the spunlace markets, which are continuing to grow. Expertise and commitment from our teams create customized solutions to make your future successful. ANDRITZ offers multiple layout configurations to produce different types of spunlace fabrics.

Spunlace main features

Advantages offered by neXline spunlace

  • A wide range of spunlace systems in direct and crosslapping configurations
  • Single source solution
  • Full project management
  • Experience and expertise
  • Unique solution for ultralight products
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to the combination of dewatering and drying technology
  • Revolutionary design of the web forming with the TT card at top speed of up to 400 m/min
  • Efficient water recirculation and filtration
  • Full range of patterning solutions to customize your spunlace fabrics
  • Unrivalled spunlace technical center for trials, product development, marketing tests and training

Main applications

Wipes, surgical gowns, cotton pads, hygiene, substrates for artificial leather, filtration, and automotive.


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Spunlace line solutions


All components in harmony

ANDRITZ turnkey systems create a cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable spunlace line from opening/blending to the winder. The core of our expertise is in arranging and configuring the main process components in the production line so that they work in harmony to deliver the desired end product.

Why turnkey?

There are advantages to purchasing a complete spunlace line from a single supplier. Keys to success are a single point of contact, integrated solutions, solid performance guarantees, faster start-ups, and much lower project management costs from having to coordinate the activities of various contractors. With this turnkey approach, you can focus on the production process and ANDRITZ focuses on the machine design and project execution.

  • Integrated responsibility through a single source
  • Synchronization of multiple technologies to meet customer expectations
  • Single channel of communication
  • Savings in time, costs, and customer engineering
  • ANDRITZ experience and know-how

nexline spunlace

nexline spunlace

neXline spunlace

With the neXline spunlace (including carding system, Jetlace hydroentanglement system, dewatering unit, through-air dryer, and twin embossing calender), ANDRITZ offers a single-source solution with high productivity and very attractive energy efficiency for production of state-of-the-art spunlace fabrics.

ANDRITZ neXline spunlace eXcelle

neXline spunlace for technical applications

neXline spunlace for technical applications

neXline spunlace for cotton pads

neXline spunlace for cotton pads

neXline spunlace neXdry



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