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Nonwovens finishing systems

Wet finishing systems for hygiene, medical, and industrial applications

In finishing applications, nonwovens acquire improved product properties, enhanced functionalities, and significant added value.

ANDRITZ finishing systems are designed in close cooperation with leading chemical suppliers to meet production requirements for capacity, reliability, reproducibility, and efficiency. This teamwork involving chemical suppliers, auxiliary manufacturers, and customers ensures an optimum wet finishing process.

ANDRITZ neXline finish

ANDRITZ neXline finish

The properties that can be achieved include hydrophilic, permanently hydrophilic, anti-static, alcohol repellent, flame resistant, and many more finishes. Our system solutions include dosing, application (low add-on/impregnation), dewatering, drying, process control, and documentation from just one source.


nexline finish

nexline finish


nexline finish

nexline finish


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