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Nonwovens laminating systems

ANDRITZ offers tailor-made solutions for laminating/finishing of roll goods

The aim of laminating is to combine at least two different materials in order to achieve new composite properties.

Examples of final products in various fields of application include:

  • Construction - multilayer breathable roofing underlays
  • Household - vacuum cleaner bags
  • Automotive - various filter applications
  • Hygiene - textile backing sheets

ANDRITZ is familiar with a wide range of final applications and offers expertise in product development, selection of raw materials, definition of product performance, and engineering of the entire production process. ANDRITZ offers ultrasonic or thermo-laminating systems, depending on the final product.

nexline lamination

nexline lamination

Modern roof construction uses rain-proof breathable underlays to eliminate water leakage through the roof and to ventilate interior humidity from the building. To accomplish this, a membrane based on microporous polyolefin film is laminated between spunbond nonwovens which act as protective layers.


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