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Wetlace line solutions

Build up your future in wetlace

The original Wetlace nonwoven process has been developed by ANDRITZ and combines wet forming and hydroentanglement. It has proven ideal for producing flushable wipes from 100% natural raw materials without chemical binders. Fabrics produced using the ANDRITZ Wetlace nonwoven process already complied with the EDANA/INDA flushability standards in 2011 and again in 2013, passing all seven tests according to the new guidelines.

Wetlace main features

Wetlace system main features

Advantages offered by neXline wetlace:

  • Complete wetlace solution from a single source
  • Extensive process know-how within the ANDRITZ GROUP, based on long years of experience in turnkey projects for the paper and nonwovens industries
  • Full project management
  • Full plant engineering expertise
  • Stable and high-quality production process
  • Efficient water recirculation and filtration
  • State-of-the-art line supervision system
  • Process for fully flushable, dispersible and biodegradable wipes according to the EDANA guidelines
  • Technical center with a wetlace pilot line for trials, product development, marketing tests and training

Main applications

Several types of wipes


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Complete wetlace systems by ANDRITZ

ANDRITZ is the only company providing complete wetlace systems from stock preparation to drying and winding from a single source. All components ideally complement each other to ensure a stable and high-quality production process.

Hydroentanglement of wetlaid sheets allows the production of binder-free wetlaid nonwovens. When hydroentanglement is applied to wetlaid sheets containing artificial and synthetic fibers - either pure or in blends - the economics are often improved and the mechanical properties are remarkably enhanced. This results in stronger and bulkier products. Fully biodegradable nonwovens can be produced without chemical additives or thermal bonding.

Wetlace nonwoven production is carried out in four steps in the neXline system:

nexline wetlace

nexline wetlace

Stock preparation

Fibers and water are mixed in the correct proportions.


The suspension is distributed homogeneously over the full forming width.


The web formed is bonded by water jets.

Drying, winding

The wetlaced fabric is dried and batched.

Wetlace line solutions



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