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Nonwovens and textiles technical center

Located in Krefeld, Germany, the ANDRITZ Küsters technical center is equipped with a wetlaid pilot line, production and pilot calenders, and wet finishing machines for customer trials and product development

The technical center in Krefeld supports customers with trials, product development, and expert service with the most advanced calendering and wetlaid pilot line equipment. There are three pilot calenders, an ultrasonic laminating calender, and a production calender (2000 mm width). The teXcal trike production calender in 3-roll arrangement is equipped with two system rolls: S-Roll and Xpro Roll. Thus we can provide precisely the right technology needed for any of our customers’ products. A large selection of engraved, smooth, and elastic rolls ensures ultimate flexibility for customer trials and product development.

The technical center is equipped with a kiss roll applicator, a padder, and a cylinder dryer, as well as a measuring unit for inline detection of stripe application for trials in nonwovens wet finishing.

Our wetlaid pilot line has a pulper, vats for two layers, a headbox with distributor, inclined wire dewatering section, and a six-cylinder dryer, including winder. The components are on a rail system so that they can be configured easily in different arrangements. The pilot line also includes an ANDRITZ Perfojet Jetlace hydroentanglement unit for wetlace applications. This pilot line is the first worldwide that sets up the complete process with ANDRITZ in-house technology.

A team of highly competent process engineers stands ready to perform trials and test series. Confidentiality is assured and special arrangements can be made to protect any intellectual property belonging to customers.


ANDRITZ Küsters, Germany

Phone: +49 (2151) 34 1464

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