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DIA TECH knowledge modules

ANDRITZ provides various DIA TECH knowledge modules for identifying mechanical, dielectrical, magnetic and thermal problems in stator, rotor, and hydraulic systems.

The smart monitoring philosophy is focused on the plant’s main components, such as generator, turbine, shaft, and bearing. The open system architecture allows easy implementation of ANDRITZ HYDRO knowledge modules as well as integration of third party products (modules).

The following knowledge modules are available

  • DIA TECH SBS - mechanical/structure-borne sound diagnosis of stator - loosening of stator core, stator winding (bars, end winding), and magnetic wedges
  • DIA TECH MGM - mechanical/machine gap monitoring of stator and rotor - deformations of stator and rotor; changes in eccentricity, roundness and turbine clearance
  • DIA TECH CAV - mechanical/cavitation monitoring of turbine - increase of cavitation symptoms and reduction of power output caused by cavitation
  • DIA TECH ThM - thermal diagnosis of stator - loss of cooling air flow; cooling circuit leakage; fouling and clogging of coolers and air ducts in stator core; overheating of stator core and winding
  • DIA TECH CAA-HS - thermal/cooling air analysis - hotspot detection of stator - faulty winding connections - break in worst case
  • DIA TECH RTMP - thermal/rotor temperature monitoring (based on calculation) - overheating of rotor winding
  • DIA TECH IRD - thermal / rotor pole temperature monitoring (based on infrared measurement) - overheating of single poles and rotor winding
  • DIA TECH CAA-03 - dielectrical/cooling air analysis - ozone diagnosis (surface partial discharge) of stator - faulty outer corona protection and aging of insulation
  • DIA TECH MFX - magnetic field monitoring of rotor winding - changes in magnetic flux caused by disturbance or imbalance; interturn faults

For most applications, 3rd party modules are required in addition. The following modules are offered by ANDRITZ HYDRO

  • Mechanical/vibration monitoring of turbine and rotor
    • protection
    • advanced condition monitoring (changes of shaft alignment, imbalance (mechanical, magnetically, hydraulic), bearing clearance and alignment, flow characteristics (changed vane position, clogging of the grid); shear pin failure)
  • Dielectrical/partial discharge analysis (PDA) of stator
    • measurement and analysis
    • condition changes inside the stator winding insulation, faulty outer corona protection and aging of insulation

In addition, special solutions and services can be ordered

  • Thermal slip-ring monitoring
  • Turbine and pump operation time module
  • Telemetry
  • Fiber optic applications
  • Remote access capabilities



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