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HyNET - THE network solution for power plants

In a power plant, closed process control systems have become a thing of the past.
HyNET is the comprehensive solution for the future.

HyNET forms the basis of secure communication inside and outside the power plant. Moreover, HyNET offers new and innovative solution processes.

The complexity of the fields of application, including the corresponding interfacing, inevitably results in a rapid increase in the danger of unwanted system access or malware contamination. Only a consistent security concept can align flexibility with the highest security requirements. A combination of security, availability and standardization is at the core of high-quality network engineering.

HyNET - the comprehensive, modular and custom-made network solution - has been designed to cater for these core topic areas.

Innovative solutions and a broad range of services can be achieved by a combination of experienced technical experts, defined processes and high-quality components. A comprehensive security concept is particularly important in network security. Interlocking and interoperability of the security components lie at the heart of HyNET.

To meet such high system and network security requirements, the issue of security is considered comprehensively in HyNET and is put into practice as an integrated solution. The declared objective is a secure, scalable and manageable network which functions as a company-wide solution and also incorporates WLAN and VoIP.

Secure communication, efficiency and redundancy mean higher network and data security, lower operating costs, user satisfaction, and much more.

HyNET combines a future-oriented environment and modern network technology for secure operation of power plants.



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