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Automation system SICAM

The SICAM product family performs local control tasks based on the principle that the time-critical process automation tasks in a multi-hierarchical network are performed as close as possible to the process.

The ACP (Automation, Control and Protection) system concept of the SICAM product family provides high functionality and flexibility for different automation tasks. Innovative and well-proven technologies run on the stable basis of a proven product platform.

With the help of this automation system, we can fulfill the following tasks and more:

  • Turbine Governor
  • Control of auxiliary functions
  • Start/Stop sequences
  • Monitoring and control of external services
  • Communication to remote stations and control centers

Balanced functionality enables the flexible combination of automation, telecontrol and communication tasks. Supplemented by the scalable performance and various redundancy configurations, optimum adaptation to the respective process requirements can be achieved.

The use of IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 standards ensures seamless addressing from source to acceptor. But the use of various third-party protocols also enables seamless integration into existing automation networks, thus ensuring long-term security of previous investments.

In addition to the central acquisition and transmission of process signals within an mounting rack, the use of peripheral elements enables the purposive reduction of wide transfer interfaces thanks to direct interfacing of actuators and sensors with cable cross-sections up to 2.5 mm2. Thus modules for binary inputs and outputs up to 220 VDC open up savings potentials at interface level. Peripheral elements can be used for decentralized input/output up to 200 m.

A major aspect of the overall economic consideration is the costs arising from installation, maintenance, and servicing. This is where the well-proven
TOOLBOX II engineering system comes into its own.

User programs for open-loop and closed-loop control tasks are provided by means of CAEx plus according to IEC 61131-3, a recognized standard which has established itself on the market, thus significantly reducing training periods.

All engineering activities, up to system diagnoses and online tests, can also be performed remotely with the TOOLBOX II.

A flash card is used for parameter management of the whole SICAM family, so replacement is simply a matter of plug & play. Using the flash card, all engineering data are available in the replacement device, so no loading by PC is necessary; the correct parameters are always on hand.

In combination with the comprehensive remote diagnosis facilities, down-times can thus be reduced to a minimum.



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