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250 SCALA - Control center system

The state-of-the-art SCADA system 250 SCALA provides all functions for operation, supervision and control.

The scalability of the system allows use at all automation levels - starting from turbine governor and unit control up to large control and dispatch centers.

Central control rooms and generation dispatch centers

Due to its ability to process high telegram rates without time delay, 250 SCALA is also especially suitable for use in large control centers with a virtually unlimited amount of process data. For example, with a given data volume of 200,000 process signals, a continuous load of up to 3,000 telegrams/second can be processed. Database interfaces, remote desktop services, and the control of video walls are taken for granted. Specific concepts allow both operation as central servers and communication with various self-sustaining power plant servers, even with different program releases. Zooming and decluttering is supported as well as world views with an integrated navigator display.

Power plant control

The scalability of 250 SCALA starts with DIN rail PCs (without rotating parts) or standard PCs equipped with 1-4 screens and extends to large power plant control rooms with up to 100 workplaces. The integrated engineering concept with its centralized parameter administration allows the automatic distribution of process parameters and process views to the related control panels. The innovative human-machine interface offers efficient power plant operation.

Process overview

Process overview

In addition to the SCADA standards, many higher functions are available, such as topological coloring and interlocking, video surveillance, remote alerting via SMS to cell phones, monitoring of network infrastructure, as well as remote monitoring and diagnosis.

Turbine governor and gate control

With a data volume of 500 process signals, 250 SCALA is suitable here in its miniature design: as a tiny, compact 6" touch panel up to 15” touch panels. The general absence of rotating components allows use under harsh ambient conditions.

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