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Neptun - power plant management

Power production must be maximized, while the costs should be reduced, both for single power plants as well as for power plant cascades.

Modern power plant management systems perform these tasks very efficiently. Beside the plant's operational requirements (e.g. maintenance cycle), the system has to take account of a number of external regulations, such as water management, contracts, and environmental regulations.

Due to the growing number of solar and wind power plants, optimum delivery of control energy (secondary control, tertiary control) is also gaining importance.

Production planning requires different modules for forecasting and optimization. Information has to be provided to other applications (e.g. commercial and administrative software tools) via standard interfaces.

All these different requirements require a modular overall concept.

The common solution

The common solution

Besides its main task - maximization of energy production - the system has to support the operators in various other operating conditions (e.g. normal operation, flood and disturbances). At the same time, the system has to contribute towards reducing operation and maintenance costs.

It must be possible to integrate the system easily into the power plant’s environment on the basis of the existing infrastructure.

Typical tasks of power plant management systems

Power plant control

  • Head water level control
  • Discharge control
  • Power control
  • Reactive power control

Authority and environmental regulations

  • Downstream water flow limitation
  • Filling and discharging gradients
  • Level limitations
  • Flood alert


  • Meteorological data (precipitation, temperature, snow depth, ...)
  • Calculation of incoming water quantities


  • Energy production
  • Reservoir utilization
  • Swell operation of power plant cascades
  • Production scheduling
  • Secondary and tertiary control


  • Equipment and maintenance database systems
  • Commercial database systems
  • Geographical information systems
  • Office packages

Marketing and sales

  • Internet (promotion)
  • Intranet
Water power plant

Water power plant

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