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ANDRITZ Ritz end suction pump
Test rig with ANDRITZ centrifugal pump
ANDRITZ process pump

ANDRITZ end suction pumps

ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps are used for water supply, irrigation and flood control, as cooling water pumps and for industries and applications such as pulp & paper, sugar, mining, offshore and desalination.

ANDRITZ end suction and process pumps are used for water supply, irrigation and drainage, or as auxiliary pumps in power plants. These standard centrifugal pumps are also installed in many different industrial applications, e.g. in the pulp and paper, steel, chemical, food, sugar, or bioethanol industries.

With its open or semi-open impeller, the pump is excellently suited for transporting media containing solids (e.g. for pulp, paper, or effluent applications). A modular system ensures high availability, enables the use of proven components, and reduces the number of spare parts to be held on stock.

ANDRITZ ACP and S series

Design:   single-stage, single-flow, open and semi-open impeller  
Consistency:   up to 8%  
Head:   10-160 m  
Flow rate:   up to 6,000 m³/h  
Pressure:   up to 25 bar  
Temperature:   up to 200° C  
Efficiency:   up to 90%  

ANDRITZ ISO and ES series


Design:                                       single-stage volute casing with principal dimensions and performance chart according to DIN EN 733. Alternatively close-coupled design to save space.  
Head:   up to 160 m  
Flow rate:   up to 4,000 m³/h  
Pressure:   up to 16 bar  
Temperature:   up to 140° C  


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