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ANDRITZ medium-consistency pump
ANDRITZ medium-consistency pumpANDRITZ medium-consistency pump

ANDRITZ medium-consistency pumps - highest efficiency for universal use

ANDRITZ MC pumps are characterized by a simple and cost-efficient design, very easy control, complete avoidance of fiber loss at all operating points, and excellent efficiencies of over 70%

The medium-consistency pumps from the MC series were newly developed especially for the complex task of conveying medium-consistency pulp suspensions of up to 16% b.d. Due to its integrated degassing system (separator, impeller, and fluidizer form a single unit), the first single-shaft solution tried and tested in practice for pumping medium-consistency pulp can be used for almost all media and operating ranges without requiring any vacuum pump. Coordinated equipment sizes cover both the requirements of smaller plants, as well as the full performance spectrum of larger new plants with capacities of up to 5,000 bdmt/day.

Peak efficiencies (> 70%) and ease of operation make this technology particularly efficient. Thanks to the excellent efficiency of the MC pump, which is well above the average in industry, and to the variable-speed drive, the pump stands out from the rest due to its low energy consumption.

In addition to its simple design, which enables easy operation and maintenance, the greatest advantage of the ANDRITZ MC pump is its innovative fiber separation system (SMARTSEP). This system, which is completely new on the market, was specially developed by ANDRITZ in order to eliminate a major problem in all medium-consistency pumps - that of fiber loss, particularly in run-up operations and at low consistencies.

The MC pumps used to date mainly operate with a complicated measuring and control system to monitor the degassing line. With ANDRITZ SMARTSEP, an additional separation impeller returns fibers reliably to the pump and guides air out of the pump at the same time. This makes it possible to guarantee that there are no fiber losses, and control of the degassing valve becomes very easy (pump is running, valve is open, pump is not running, valve is closed).


Design: single-stage, single-flow, semi-open impeller  
Consistency: up to 16%  
Head: up to 190 m  
Flow rate: up to 13,000 admt/d  
Pressure: up to 25 bar  
Temperature: up to 140° C  



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