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ANDRITZ Archimedean screw pumps

ANDRITZ screw pumps are a safe and reliable mode of conveying large amounts of water or waste water at highest efficiencies. Large passages handle solids-containing media without the danger of blockage.

Screw (or worm) pumps are the ideal choice for lifting high capacities of water or waste water to fixed heads. They are characterized by high operational safety, reliability, and long service life. Optimum efficiency can be guaranteed at any operating point (also during part-load operation). Thanks to the large passages and open design, the screw easily handles solids-containing media without the danger of blockage. Slow speeds prevent premature wear and are also well suited for conveying delicate media. Screw pumps adapt automatically to the inflow volume at constant speed, guaranteeing smooth and even loading without the need for any control mechanism.

Compact screw pumps

Compact screw pumps are designed with self-supporting steel troughs, which at the same time support the bearing arrangement and the complete drive unit. Using compact screw conveyors has the advantage that neither a building for the drive unit, nor inclined concreted screw conveyor troughs are required. A simple, rectangular shaft structure with a separate discharge suffices, whereby the compact screw conveyor is fixed in cantilever arrangement at two supporting points. The method of fastening in the pump sump can be a fixed installation or suspended design. This considerably reduces the scale of structural works and, therefore, the overall investment.

Main advantages at a glance

  • Very long service life
  • High operational reliability
  • High efficiency of up to 86%
  • Conveyance of solids-containing media without risking blockage
  • Automatic adjusting to the inlet quantity
  • No upstream raking system required
  • Low wear and tear

ANDRITZ Archimedean screws

Design: metal screw with one to four blades, concrete trough, grouted concrete steel trough, steel trough in cantilever construction or compact system  
Media:                 water, waste water, sewage sludge, chemical liquids, solids-containing media  
Head: up to 12 m  
Flow rate: up to 6 m³/s  


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