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ANDRITZ pump as mini-turbine
ANDRITZ small pump turbineANDRITZ recovery turbine

ANDRITZ pumps used as small turbines, ACT/FPT and ES/HP series

ANDRITZ single-stage and multi-stage centrifugal pumps are used as mini-turbines, e.g. as recovery turbines in pulp and paper mills, in small hydropower plants, and to supply energy to mountain refuges and forest lodges

Electricity from your own plant

This self-sufficiency is offered by ANDRITZ mini-turbine plants, either for personal or for industrial use. The plant has a compact design, suitable for isolated operation and for supplying to an existing power network.

Proven open impeller design

Due to the open impeller design, the mini-turbine - a reverse-running centrifugal pump - handles not only drinking water, but also residual and waste water, as well as pulp suspensions. The design is characterized by open channels and a wear-resistant design that makes the pump insensitive to contaminants when used as a turbine.

Example of energy recovery in the paper industry

Pressurized and air-saturated waste water is pressure-relieved in the feed pipe to a micro-flotation plant. The energy recovered assists directly in driving a pump (see right-hand image at the top of the page).

Scope of services for small pump turbines

  • Assistance in determining the volume of water available, dimensioning of the power plant
  • Consulting on design of the intake structure, the waterway, and the power house
  • Assistance in planning, construction, or rebuilding of the electrical equipment
  • Specification of the most economical pipeline
  • Installation of ANDRITZ components in existing power or industrial plants
Design: single-stage and multi-stage; single-flow or double suction;
open or closed impeller
Head: up to 80 m  
Flow rates: up to 6 m³/s  
Output: up to 2 MW  



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