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HPP Gnouang, Laos, ANDRITZ HYDRO Francis turbine installation
ANDRITZ HYDRO Francis runner for HPP Guri II, VenezuelaANDRITZ HYDRO Francis runner in manufacturing

Francis turbines

The ideal choice for medium head and large unit output.

ANDRITZ HYDRO Francis turbines are available in varying configurations, horizontal or vertical, with flexibility in design to ensure best efficiency and reliability of operation under the most extreme conditions.

The Francis turbine was invented by James B. Francis in Lowell Massachusetts, USA, in mid-19th century.

The Francis turbine is an inward reaction turbine that combines radial and axial flow concepts. It is the most common water turbine in use today.

ANDRITZ HYDRO Francis turbines are characterized by incomparable longevity, durability, reliability, and robustness. Extensive research and development activities ensure best efficiency and maximum output, feasible over a wide range of operation, both in multiple and single unit configurations.

ANDRITZ HYDRO Francis turbines are ideally suited for energy applications with a medium head of up to 700m and an output of up to 800 MW per unit. It has a very high degree of efficiency of more than 96 % and is an ubiquitously applicable turbine type.

The ANDRITZ HYDRO Francis turbine is available as a stand-alone unit with integrated shut-off ring gate, separate upstream butterfly valve, or spherical valve with an excellent operational life cycle.

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