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Nonwovens wetlaid systems

neXline wetlaid systems produce advanced nonwovens from stock preparation to neXformer, right through to drying and winding

The development of new high-tech fibers and the rediscovery of natural fibers are opening up new niche markets for wetlaid nonwoven fabrics. The ANDRITZ neXline wetlaid technology is suitable for such applications as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, medical, hygiene, and household.

Renewable fibers (e.g. cotton, wool, hemp, jute, and coconut), viscose fibers, and fibers from PET, PP, aramid, carbon, glass, wood, ceramics, and metal are suitable for the wetlaid process. The technology allows the use of an almost infinite variety of fiber combinations to produce materials with such properties as temperature resistance, chemical resistance, porosity, strength, static and anti-static character - a large potential for innovative product ideas.



ANDRITZ neXline wetlaid nonwoven production is carried out in three steps:

Stock preparation

Fibers and water are mixed in the proper proportions to form a suspension.


The suspension is distributed homogeneously over the full forming width.

Drying, finishing, winding

The wetlaid web formed is dried. Depending on the end use, further processing may be necessary, e.g. binder application and/or calendering. Finally, the finished web is batched.


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