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Manufacturing of an ANDRITZ HYDRO pump turbine
Scheme of an ANDRITZ HYDRO pump turbine ANDRITZ HYDRO pump turbine

Pump turbines

Best solution for pump storage hydropower plants

ANDRITZ HYDRO pump turbines are able to reverse the water flow and operate as a pump to fill a higher located reservoir in off-peak periods and then revert to a classical water turbine for power generation during peak demand.

ANDRITZ HYDRO provides the technology and proven expertise in design, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning and service of complex pump turbines, mostly based on the Francis turbine design. The multitude of configurations available include horizontal or vertical, single or multiple stage, fixed or variable speed, with or without cylindrical ring gate, and individual or combined actuation of guide vanes, all custom designed and built to meet the most demanding customer requirements and environmental criteria in pump storage applications worldwide.

Unique in their dual mode of operation, ANDRITZ HYDRO pump turbines with their ability to master rapid mode changes are ideally suited for generation as well as storage of energy, predestined to stabilize electrical grid fluctuations.

ANDRITZ HYDRO pump turbines are characterized by their incomparable performance and the highest of standards.

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