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ANDRITZ HYDRO Pelton turbine installation
ANDRITZ HYDRO Pelton turbine runners in manufaturingManufacturing of a ANDRITZ HYDRO Pelton turbine

Pelton turbines

ANDRITZ HYDRO Pelton turbine the solution for high heads

ANDRITZ HYDRO has supplied more than 1,300 large Pelton turbines with a total capacity of approx. 65,000 MW worldwide.

The Pelton wheel was invented by the American Engineer Lester Pelton in the 1870’s and has proven to be a very efficient turbine.

The Pelton wheel is an impulse type water turbine, extracting energy from the impulse of the moving water. The water is directed with high speed through nozzles against the buckets, arranged around the circumferential rim of a drive wheel – the runner. The shaft design can be either in horizontal position in combination with one or two nozzles per runner, or in vertical position with up to six nozzles per runner.

ANDRITZ HYDRO Pelton turbines are used on high head applications of up to 1,800 m and a unit output of up to more than 400 MW. It is mostly installed in storage power plants, has a degree of efficiency of more than 92 % and is almost not susceptible to cavitation.

ANDRITZ HYDRO has invented various manufacturing methods for Pelton runners - tailor-made to meet the customers’ needs.

  • Fully forged: The buckets are manufactured out of the runner disk.
  • HIWELDTM: Cast or forged bucket parts are welded onto the disk.
  • MicroGussTM: The buckets are overlay-welded onto the forged disk.
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