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Schattenhalb 3 hydropower plant, Switzerland
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Pelton turbines

Compact Hydro Pelton turbines are high-pressure machines in a high head application with a net head of up to 1,000 m.

The Compact Hydro Division of ANDRITZ HYDRO is among the world leaders in products and services for small and medium-sized hydroelectric power plants.

The features of the Compact Hydro Pelton turbines ensure a wide application according to specific needs and include heads from 50 to 1,000 m and a power output range from up to 30,000 kW.

Guarantees of efficiency and output are based on model tests from the ANDRITZ HYDRO laboratories for one to three nozzles in horizontal and three to six nozzles in vertical arrangement.

The flow control of the Pelton turbine, via operation of nozzles and deflectors, provides a high efficiency along the flow range of operation as well as limited overpressure effect over the penstock.

Over the years, the Compact Hydro Division has also developed a strong expertise in special applications for hydraulic turbines, like the energy recovery in Reverse Osmosis desalination process or in the drinking and waste water systems.




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