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Francis turbine

ANDRITZ Compact Hydro Francis turbines are the solution for medium to high head and up to high power applications.

The ANDRITZ HYDRO Compact Hydro Division is among the world leaders in products and services for small and medium-sized hydroelectric power plants.

The features of the Compact Hydro Francis turbines ensure a wide application according to specific needs and include heads up to 300 m and a power output range from about 500 to 30,000 kW.

Guarantees of efficiency, output and resistance to cavitation for single and double discharge runners are based on model tests from the ANDRITZ HYDRO laboratories.

Francis turbines propose the highest efficiency. As far as the standard concept is applicable, the runner is directly fitted on the generator shaft, which ensures a compact construction and low maintenance.

For smaller units the turbine-generator aggregate is delivered as a complete assembly package ready for immediate installation.



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