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Electrical equipment - Compact Hydro

Electrical equipment includes solutions for unit control, protection systems, and cabling and power transmission

To meet the requirements of the market in conjunction with the Compact Hydro turbines, an overall concept has been implemented which comprises both the mechanical and electrical equipment of the powerhouse.

Following the modular concept of the mechanical equipment, we also implement the same approach with the balance of plant:

  • Generators with AVR
  • Control-protection-measuring system
  • Digital turbine governor
  • AC-DC distribution
  • Auxiliary transformer
  • LV and MV-switchgear
  • Transformer
  • Substation
  • Transmission line

This means that Compact Hydro is in a position to tender both the hydro-mechanical equipment, as well as the total or partial electrical equipment up to a unit output of 30 MW.

In addition to our core pieces of equipment which are the turbines, ANDRITZ HYDRO promotes the Water to Wire concept (W2W), which includes under a single responsibility the design, supply, erection and commissioning of the entire hydropower generation system starting from the bifurcation in case of several units and possibly ending with the sub-station and the transmission line. This ANDRITZ HYDRO W2W concept allows our customers to minimize the technical and interfaces risks as well as potential delay and performance of the equipment, which in return will guarantee the lowest possible interest rates by the lenders and institutions financing the project.



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