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Neptun - Synchronization

The ANDRITZ HYDRO synchronization solution stands for high availability as well as safety, comfort, high MTBF time, and a very long lifetime. Synchronizing generators or paralleling transmission lines - SYN 3000 and the integrated solution guarantee synchronizing with success.

Synchronizing generators to the system or paralleling transmission lines and power systems is a particularly critical case.

When synchronizing, everything runs perfectly. Several operation modes, internal safety functions, nearly zero beat at synchronization, fast synchronization, recording of the synchronization, live visualization on PC/notebook, and several stored, adjustable, and selectable parameter sets characterize the digital synchronizing relay SYN 3000. Dual channel design is available.

In addition to the stand-alone device, an integrated solution as a part of the Neptun concept is available to support all different plant variants.

Synchronization provides five operating modes:

  • Generator with system or line
  • Synchronous or asynchronous systems or lines
  • Synchronous or asynchronous systems or lines with dead bus or line
  • Synchronizing check for manual connection
  • Auto transfer supervision of bus-bar systems

The ANDRITZ HYDRO solution stands for:

  • High safety considerations
  • Ergonomic operation with password
  • Highest availability
  • Faster synchronization
  • Highly reliable synchronization based on intelligent algorithm
  • Easy implementation
SYN 3000

SYN 3000

AI 6304, SYN3000

AI 6304

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