Second-hand solutions

Your first resource for used and reconditioned equipment in the pulp & paper industry

You may know ANDRITZ as a supplier of new technology and services for the worldwide pulp & paper industry.

But did you know that we are also a supplier for used equipment?

It started when customers asked us to help them find a specific piece of used equipment. We searched through our global network to help locate the equipment – and in many cases, reconditioned them according our customer needs. Additionally to a simple piece of equipment we also serve you with paper machine parts up to complete plants and the needed technology, engineering and start-up support you need! We focus on a producing machine!

Other customers joined in by letting us know of extra or unused equipment they had available and asked us to help find a buyer. In no time, we were building a database of equipment – and putting buyers and sellers together.

Click this link (PULP & PAPER Second Hand portal) to see what is in our database – or to add equipment that you would like to sell.

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