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SonoPerf – Sound insulation for offices and manufacturing areas

SonoPerf is available in two variants: as SonoPerf Series for manufacturing areas and as SonoPerf Office for optimum sound insulation in offices and buildings.

SonoPerf Series– durable sound installation for highest standards in hygiene and acoustics

The challenge for hygiene

In operations where hygiene plays a predominant role, the effectiveness of normal sound absorbers is limited. The core material used must be wrapped in film in order to prevent bacteria and mold from forming. In the course of time, however, this material becomes porous due to the effects of cleaning agents and sunlight, thus it is not suitable.

The challenge in cleaning effort

Normal sound absorbers are difficult to clean and not suitable for high-pressure equipment or washing plants. In addition, most absorbers cannot withstand daily cleaning with soap suds and acids without cracks or flaws appearing in the long run – an invitation to bacteria and mold spores.

The challenge to increase the health factor

High noise level, poor acoustics: Noise is unwanted audible sound that can have adverse health effects. The body reacts automatically to irritating noises by releasing stress hormones. This results in increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, and, in the long term, to a hearing disability.

The solution for hygienic sound insulation

SonoPerf is a sound absorber that offers the best solution for each field of application. The noise is swallowed by the acoustic plate alone, resulting in less stress and thus, a quieter and healthier working environment that also complies with the hygiene regulations applying.

The easy cleaning solution

Our acoustic solutions are assembled so that they can be cleaned daily without any additional effort if possible. Unlike conventional sound insulation systems, SonoPerf can be cleaned in existing washing plants, such as dishwashers or crate-washers. SonoPerf is resistant to acids, soap suds, and heat.

The ideal solution

SonoPerf is available in several variants: mounted on ceilings or walls, or optimizing encapsulation of your machines – SonoPerf is an effective sound insulation solution in any variant. Our acoustics experts will be pleased to advise you and show you the best solution for your operations.

SonoPerf Office – for undisturbed communication and concentration

The challenge

Sonoperf office situation

Sonoperf office situation

From the acoustic point of view, modern, open-plan offices are currently facing two challenges: They should provide favorable conditions for communication (intelligible speech) and, at the same time, enable undisturbed, concentrated work (shielding).

Why: Unwanted peripheral noise and having to listen to other people’s conversations reduce our efficiency enormously.

Noise = high-pitched + low-pitched tones

The first step towards lowering the noise level in offices is to remove the high frequencies (when speaking). To create good acoustics, however, low frequencies must also be absorbed, even those outside the audible range. Firstly, this enhances speech intelligibility. Speech is quieter automatically and less “spoken noise” is produced as a result. Secondly, the low-frequency tones are responsible for irritating frequencies spreading all the more throughout the office, and they also place a burden on the human organism.

The solution

Sonoperf office solution

Sonoperf office solution

As a broadband sound absorber made of micro-perforated, electrogalvanized steel or aluminum, SonoPerf is used to absorb specific irritating frequencies in the room. SonoPerof Office is highly effective in sound absorption, even without auxiliary materials. As an acoustic core with fleece integrated into acoustic elements, SonoPerf convinces with its effect on noise level, reverberation time, and absorption of high and low frequencies.

Detailed measurement results are available upon request.

SonoPerf Panel

SonoPerf Serie 200

Sonoperf office insulation

Open-plan office with SonoPerf office elements

Sonoperf office sound absorbing

SonoPerf office sound-absorbing wall


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