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teXcal s-roll
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teXcal – setting new standards in textile calendering

ANDRITZ provides precisely the right calender technology for your textile product.

teXcal s-roll

Thanks to its multi-covering technology, the teXcal s-roll sets new standards in modern textile finishing. Various technical and traditional calendering effects are achieved with quick and simple sleeve changes. Typical applications, depending on the roll surface, are: filters, rain protection, spinnakers, parachutes, apparel, and home textiles.

teXcal trike

The innovative calender concept for the growth market technical textiles incorporates proven technologies from the production of paper and nonwovens. Due to an innovative 3-roll arrangement with two separately controlled system rolls (S-Roll and/or Xpro Roll), the teXcal trike calender provides outstanding productivity and flexibility in the manufacture of sophisticated technical textiles, such as sailcloth, parachute silk, breathable outdoor clothing, sunscreens, filter materials, or protective clothing.

teXcal hyCon L

The teXcal hycon L is applied for extra flexibility in the production of home textiles. The L-shaped arrangement of the rolls, and infinitely adjustable line forces in the top and rear nip, permit the creation of a multitude of effects in one fabric passage. Variations in gloss, smoothness, density, and handle can all be accommodated.

teXcal simili

Simili mercerization is a finishing technique which achieves a special wash- and dye-permanent gloss on high quality damasks and poplin of pure cotton – while retaining the smoothness and density of the fabric. The teXcal simili is designed specifically for this special application.

ANDRITZ also designs calenders and auxiliary systems for many other niche and special applications: embossing, laminating, crushing, or chaising. In addition to production calenders, we can produce laboratory and pilot calenders for your development work.



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