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Drum pulpers for recycled fiber processing

Minimum fiber loss with lowest power consumption

FibreFlow drum: minimum fiber loss with lowest power consumption

The ANDRITZ FibreFlow drum pulper is used for fiber slushing and separation of coarse contaminants for all kinds of recovered paper. High production capacity and low power consumption in a single unit make the FibreFlow drum pulper the preferred choice for continuous pulping.

Wastepaper furnishes are defiberized by means of continuous turnover (via dropping and falling inside the rotating drum). This action gently separates fibers from contaminants with minimal fiber loss. The contaminants are rejected continuously and automatically. The drum has two sections (pulping and screening) – wetting, chemical impregnation and defiberizing take place in the pulping section. Fiber recovery and reject separation take place entirely in the screening section.

Benefits of the FibreFlow drum pulper

  • Best-accepted quality, improved ink detachment, and brightness gain (thanks to gentle pulping and efficient removal of coarse contaminant with minimum fiber loss)
  • Highest availability due to single drum machine design with no internals that can create wire build-ups
  • Reliable and proven mechanics
  • Minimum maintenance and efficient single drive
  • Suited for all kinds of recovered paper
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