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Solid bowl decanter centrifuge D

Industrial technology adapted for treatment of wastewater sludge

ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges are designed for reduced space requirement and power consumption at comparable throughput. In sludge treatment technology, ANDRITZ has revolutionized the drive system for decanter centrifuges – following the double drive with energy re-circulation, the new low power consumption decanter centrifuge is featuring three new technologies:

  • TurboJet weirplates
  • High hydraulic pressure rotor design
  • Direct drive gearbox

The technology is protected by worldwide patents and is used in centrifuges for thickening and/or dewatering of WWTP sludge and several other applications.

D-series decanter

ANDRITZ separation technology – D-series decanter

Characteristics of the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge

  • Optimum performance (dryness, capture rate)
  • Continuous and fully automated sludge dewatering
  • Polyvalence of operation (dewatering, thickening with or without polymer)
  • Optimum flexibility (adjustment of operating parameters while running)
  • Lasting robustness
  • Compact design and low space requirement

TurboJet weir plate

The new weir plate achieves a drastically reduction of absorbed power for the centrifuge by the creation of liquid jets directed opposite to the rotor direction of rotation.

High Hydraulic Pressure (HHP) rotor design

The HHP bowl design reduces the radius of the liquid and solids ejection ports, thereby reducing power loss for the separation process.

Direct drive gearbox

The direct drive gearbox is driven by a secondary motor, avoiding recirculation losses in main motor and variable frequency converters

Main applications

Food industry

  • Animal fats
  • Fish and vegetable oils (avocado, corn, olive, palm oil, etc.)
  • Starch
  • Casein and lactose
  • Thin spillage from bio-ethanol plants
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Soy milk

Chemical industry

  • Organic acids
  • Polymers, resins
  • Hydroxides and metal oxides
  • Salts

Other processes

  • Drilling mud
  • Oil-containing mud

Industrial effluents from

  • Slaughterhouses
  • Dairies
  • Paper mills
  • Distilleries
  • Chemical industry
  • Pig manure



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