ANDRITZ Annual Report 2020 - Innovations

Sustainability and compliance

For the globally operating ANDRITZ GROUP, sustainability and compliance form the basis of its entrepreneurial activities.

Together with the company’s core values – passion, partnership, perspectives and versatility – sustainability and compliance define what the company stands for and form the cornerstones of responsible corporate management to satisfy the needs of its stakeholders in the best possible way.

A strong commitment to sustainable development is reflected in the Group's comprehensive sustainability strategy adopted by the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of ANDRITZ AG, describing the goals, timescale and measures relating to the environment and society at large as well as the principles of company management. Details of this strategy are provided in the 2020 Annual Financial Report (“Non-financial statement”).


At ANDRITZ, sustainability stands for responsibility towards the environment, society at large and the company’s employees. This begins with the corporate management providing and embodying clear and strict principles that all employees and external stakeholders are expected to obey as well. For example, suppliers entering into business relations with ANDRITZ must commit to obeying the Supplier Code of Conduct. This is also verified at regular intervals by means of active control and risk management.

Of course, a company’s sustainable success also depends essentially on the qualifications and motivation of its employees. A comprehensive program of educational and training courses, international career opportunities as well as the encouragement of diversity in the company are intended to ensure employees’ job satisfaction and bind them to the company in the long term.

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Potential new recruits are addressed specifically during the extensive training provided for apprentices and in the course of collaboration with universities.

ANDRITZ also takes measures to help its employees to achieve a good work-life balance and invests extensively in health and safety at work.

ANDRITZ’s strong position as a leading international technology group is related to a passion for innovative solutions that create sustainable value and new perspectives for the company, its employees, customers and all other stakeholders.

This innovative spirit is enhanced by group-wide innovation and ideas management as well as internal startup competitions.

Social responsibility and sustainability are also reflected in project execution, where ANDRITZ supports the employment of local labor and suppliers in the best way possible and thus makes a substantial contribution towards creating value in many countries, especially in emerging markets as well.

ANDRITZ understands sustainability with regard to the environment as offering its customers products that fulfill their sustainability targets in the best possible way in terms of environmental protection and keeping the use of resources to a minimum. In manufacturing operations, ANDRITZ also makes every effort to save resources and reduce any negative impact on the environment to a minimum. Observing ecological standards has a part to play here, but so does adherence to strict quality requirements.


Compliance and ethically correct conduct with integrity, respect, reliability and sustainability as its cornerstones form the basis upon which ANDRITZ does business.

In addition to the extensive legal provisions, there are a series of internal policies and directives, compliance with which is monitored by the group-wide compliance committee.

The values and principles laid down in the ANDRITZ Code of Conduct and Ethics apply to all management staff, employees and external stakeholders who work for ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ has a group-wide Compliance Committee consisting of staff from different group functions. Its members each deal with different topics, such as corruption prevention, restraint of trade, anti-discrimination, insider trading, supplier compliance, export controls and data protection. The goal is to update the existing codes of practice regularly, set the initiatives for their implementation and also monitor compliance with them.

Regional compliance officers acting as local contacts for employees regarding this topic also convey a knowledge of compliance within ANDRITZ and help the committee in its work.

In order to verify how effective the compliance management system is and further improve it, ANDRITZ holds certification according to ISO 19600 for the compliance management system and ISO 37001 for anti-corruption management.

The regulations contain requirements for developing, implementing and maintaining a compliance management system as well as measures helping to protect against, track down and provide proof of corruption.

Various measures, above all training on individual compliance topics, are provided to ensure a basic understanding of compliance and adherence to its regulations.

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