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ANDRITZ METALS - highest quality in metalforming technology

ANDRITZ METALS is one of the leading global suppliers of metalforming technologies and complete lines for the production and further processing of cold-rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal strip.

ANDRITZ METALS provides solutions for lines to produce steel and other metal strips.


These lines consist of equipment for pickling, cold rolling, annealing, heat treatment, strip coating and finishing, and for pickling acid regeneration. Additionally, ANDRITZ METALS supplies turnkey industrial furnace systems for thermal processes, such as heat treatment of slabs and forged pieces, as well as refining furnaces for the copper industry. ANDRITZ METALS furthermore supplies presses for punching and deep drawing.

ANDRITZ METALS is one of the few single-source suppliers worldwide capable of providing all technologies and processes involved in the manufacturing of steel strip on a comprehensive basis (mechanical, process, electrical equipment and automation, as well as lifecycle services). This ensures interface minimization as well as consistent optimization of the overall process.

We offer future-oriented technologies in the cold rolling, thermal treatment and surface finishing market segments. All required processes come from one supplier – from engineering to start up. The performance packages cover complete lines, modernization, as well as special machines. The companies belonging to ANDRITZ METALS utilize the synergy effects of the group to the benefit of their customers and deliver machines and lines of highest quality and optimum operational efficiency.


ANDRITZ METALS clearly leads the market for batch-type furnaces used in highly specialized forging shops. In this field, customers are mainly looking for complex reheating furnaces and tempering systems; railway wheel tempering systems are a specialty here. In copper melting, ANDRITZ METALS is one of the very few global suppliers to the primary and secondary copper refining sectors.

The name ANDRITZ METALS stands for highest quality in metalforming technology. Alongside standard machines like mechanical automatic punching and metal forming presses from 630 to 25,000 kN and SERVO presses from 1,000 to 25,000 kN, we deliver tailor-made solutions for every application – from the simple press to complete production lines with coil handling units and automation systems.

ANDRITZ METALS ensures life cycle services during the entire lifetime of the product, including revamp, retrofit, improvement of plants, and process optimization.

The Schuler Group, Germany, in which ANDRITZ has a stake of more than 90% and which is fully consolidated as from March 1, 2013, is also allocated to the business area. As technological and global market leader in metalforming, Schuler supplies machines, production lines, dies, process know-how, and services for the entire metalworking industry. Its clients include car manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, household equipment, packaging, energy, and electrical industries. Schuler is also the market leader in coin minting technology and offers system solutions for the aerospace and rail industries.

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