Waste pelleting

Waste products can be very valuable! A wide variety of materials that are considered to be waste can in most cases be transformed into valuable recycled materials. Among many production processes, pelleting can give a significant added value to these types of products.

ANDRITZ is your reliable partner for applications using your waste and by-product materials. We offer a full range of pelleting, grinding, mixing and screening equipment to handle the processing of many dry materials.


For waste pelleting, the Paladin pellet mill series ensures high output and efficient control of the pelleting process. The pellet mill is dimensioned for large forces and designed with exchangeable wear parts. The robust Paladin pellet mill with twin drive provides smooth operation with low vibration levels. The belt drive and heavy-duty pellet chamber ensure reliable and safe production. The Paladin pellet mill is developed from a design concept proven on more than 2,500 operating machines sold throughout the world.

Why should we pelletize waste?

In the pelleting process, loose material is converted into compressed material. As a result of the pressure and heat applied to the substances, the density of the material is increased by a factor of up to 10, in pellets with diameters of 3 mm up to 30 mm. This results in great advantages in handling the waste, better storage, and significant savings in transportation costs.

Waste pellets as bioenergy

Waste material mixtures containing of many high calorific value products, such as paper/ plastic and other foreign materials like silica, can make this product a valuable type of pellet for the bioenergy industry. By using renewable forms of energy, it is possible to reduce the dependency on fossil fuel and use pellets to fill the gap for heating and electricity

Waste pellets recycled into new products

Waste pellets made of pure, surplus materials or, in other words, waste materials consisting of only one type of product, such as celluloses, plastic mainly coming from production processes, can be made suitable for many types of application. Clean plastic materials are often applied in molding processes for new types of furniture. The molding process demands stable pellets at bulk densities of approx. 400 kg, which improves the molding process significantly.

Advantages of pelleting

  • Simple handling
  • Reduced transport cost
  • Better storage capabilities
  • Homogenous fuel of identical standard
  • Specified bulk material for further processing
  • Environmentally friendly

Materials for waste pelleting

  • Composite materials for substitute fuel
  • Paper sludge
  • Plastics PE and PP
  • Wood
  • Carpet waste
  • Household waste

Below listed equipment can be supplied per industry:

Disc mill

ANDRITZ disc mills, also known as attrition mills, are extremely versatile machines.

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Pellet mill

For high-capacity pelleting and production schedules that demand frequent die changes, ANDRITZ' Sprout gear-driven pellet mills offer power and versatility.

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Rotary valve

ANDRITZ line of Rotary Valves are RUGGED and TROUBLE-FREE.

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Hammer mill

ANDRITZ hammer mills are capable of several size-reduction jobs, including grinding, shredding and fluffing.

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Rotary knife cutter

ANDRITZ precision rotary knife cutters are used by most of the major processors in reclaim systems that allow scrap to be re-processed

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Pocket feeder

The hammer mill is a critical component of most feed manufacturing operations.

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Plant design and engineered solutions

ANDRITZ is the perfect partner for design, engineering, and supply of key equipment for your process line or production plant. We offer upgrades for existing facilities as well as solutions for greenfield plants, which are handled in cooperation with regional suppliers and contractors. Our experienced project managers, process engineers, and experts from specialized functions ensure that the performance will come up to your expectations.


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