Andritz VA TECH HYDRO receives contract for a Francis turbine set for Bemposta hydro power station, Portugal

EDP Gestão da Produção de Energia S.A. has awarded ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO and ENSUL MECI a contract for the extension of  Bemposta power station in Portugal. The total order value is approximately 53 MEUR, thereof approximately 40 MEUR for ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO.

The scope of ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO’s supplies and services will comprise a complete Francis turbine set including model testing, governing system, generator, automation system, intake and downstream gates, as well as auxiliary systems. The Portuguese partner company ENSUL MECI will take care of local supplies and installation work.

With an output of 191 MW, a runner diameter of 5.9 meters and a runner weight of 100 metric tons, this Francis turbine will be one of the largest in Europe, as will the generator with an outer diameter of approximately 13 meters.

By adding the new unit, the total plant capacity of Bemposta will be increased by approximately 80%. This investment, as well as several other hydropower projects, has become necessary to back up the many new wind and solar energy plants, thus a secure and environmentally sound electricity supply for Portugal will be ensured.

Bemposta hydro power station is located on the river Douro in the north-west of Portugal, close to the border with Spain. The new unit will be installed in a pit of 60 meters depth on the right river bank and will be commissioned in the second half of 2011.

ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO has been very successful in the renewal and service business in Portugal for many years. In late 2007, the Spanish affiliate of ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO received orders from EDP for the two hydro power plants Cabril and Bouca with a total order value of about 11 MEUR. With the Bemposta order, ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO has further extended its presence in this promising market.

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For further information, please contact:

DI Alexander Schwab
Market Management and Corporate Communication
Phone: +43 50805 52659

Dr. Michael Buchbauer
Head of Corporate Communications
Phone: +43 (316) 6902 2979


ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO, a member of the ANDRITZ Group, is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services (“water-to-wire”) for hydropower plants. The company is a leader in the world market for hydraulic power generation and has a top position in the growing power plant refurbishment segment. This and other press releases of ANDRITZ VA TECH HYDRO are available for download on our website.


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