Successful start-up of ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges at TEREOS’ bioethanol plant

TEREOS Group, France, the third largest ethanol-alcohol producer in the world, gives high credits for the start-up of ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges at the TEREOS plant in Lillebonne, France.

“The ANDRITZ equipment is performing excellently,” says Antoine Pradel, Managing Director of the Lillebonne plant.  “The performance and mechanical reliability of the machinery are top-notch. We have been running every day at the maximum capacity possible in order to meet our customers’ expectations.”

Lillebonne plant is one of the largest bioethanol plants worldwide using wheat as feed stock - every year it can convert 820,000 tons of wheat into 300,000 m3 of ethanol and 300,000 tons of Distillers’ Dried Grain with Solubles (DDGS) for animal feed.  The seven large decanter centrifuges (D7 Series) which separate the fibre and the liquid after the distillation stage have a diameter of 750 mm and are equipped with parts specially designed for the bioethanol stillage application, such as the high-efficiency scroll conveyor, capable of high capture rates of the insoluble solids and high dryness for the solids separated. Additionally, a special energy recovery system developed by ANDRITZ reduces the power absorbed by the centrifuges.

The waste streams from the whole plant are received by a waste water treatment plant with a capacity equivalent to that for a town of 250,000 people. There, a methanisation process produces biogas mixed with natural gas to heat the DDGS driers.

The ANDRITZ supply also contained more than 100 centrifugal pumps of various sizes installed throughout the process and two double-shaft mixers.

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Stock exchange listed ANDRITZ Group is a global market leader for advanced production systems for pulp and paper, steel, and other specialized industries.  In addition, ANDRITZ is one of the leading global suppliers of electromechanical systems and services for hydropower plants.  ANDRITZ has a staff of approximately 12,000 employees worldwide.  It develops and makes its high-tech systems at 35 production sites (Austria, Germany, Finland, Denmark, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, and China).

The TEREOS Group

French Tereos Group is the third largest alcohol/ethanol producer in the world.  With 17,000 employees in the Group’s 32 large and modern industrial facilities in Europe, Africa, and South America, it processes the sugar beets, sugar cane and cereals from over 900,000 ha of land into sugars, various starches, and alcohols, such as ethanol.  Along with 4.3 million tons of sugar, more than 1.3 million m3 of alcohol/ethanol are produced every year, as well as co-products for animal feeds.

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