Site Measurement at ANDRITZ Hydro in Switzerland

Expertise in measurement and analysis technique – a strong combination

To enable safe operation and short outage times of a hydropower plant in a challenging modern environment, precise knowledge about the condition of the hydropower plant and the load of its components is of vital importance.

HPP Chanrion power house, Switzerland - (FR: Centrale de Chanrion, Suisse)

This knowledge enables the operator to act status-oriented and to reduce investment costs, and is obtained by ANDRITZ Hydro through various available measurement methods.

The following key methods are available within ANDRITZ Hydro:

Vibration Measurement

  • Fingerprint measurements
  • Extended machine diagnostics measurements
  • Experimental mode shape analysis

Efficiency Test

  • Thermodynamic efficiency test
  • Index test
  • Pressure time method
  • Acoustic transient time

3D Geometry Measurements

  • 3D Scanning
  • Laser tracker
  • Faro Arm

Strain Gauge Measurement

  • Static strain measurements
  • Dynamic strain measurements

Winding diagnosis

  • Visual inspection, slot wedging check
  • Polarisation- and leakage current measurement
  • Dielectric loss factor and capacity measurement
  • Partial discharge measurement
  • DC- and AC-high voltage test
  • Interturn insulation test

Thermo-diagnosis of generators

  • Air-temperature distribution
  • Pressure distribution in main generator areas
  • End-winding temperature and Hot-Spots
  • Stator Yoke-back temperatures
  • Air flow and temperature distribution in the Stator cooling ducts
  • Global air flow measurement

Special measurements

  • Axial thrust measurement
  • Foundation stiffness measurement
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Natural torsion and bending frequency measurement

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