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May 2021: Gerlos 1, Austria – An entire new generator unit for important storage powerplant


ANDRITZ received a contract from VERBUND to supply one horizontal generator unit for the Gerlos I storage power plant right in the heart of the Alps, Tyrol, Austria.

Currently, four vertical, two-jet units (16 MW resp. 17 MW bottleneck capacity each), built in 1948, are in operation in the Gerlos I powerhouse. The planned project now envisages rebuilding the interior of the powerhouse with a new foundation and installation of one horizontal, six-jet Pelton unit instead.

The scope for ANDRITZ comprises an entire new generator set including auxiliaries, excitation, erection, and commissioning. The project will be executed by an Austrian team, the components will be manufactured in the ANDRITZ workshop in Weiz, Austria. Commissioning is scheduled for mid-2022.

The storage powerplant group Gerlos comprises the power plants Gerlos and Funsingau. Together they have a total output of about 225 MW and are producing 347 GWh of sustainable clean energy from natural inflow. The powerplant group is located in a well-developed valley in Austria, right in the heart of the Austrian Alps. The high mountain reservoir serves as a recreational area where people can go hiking, mountain biking, swimming, sailing and surfing.

The order for the new generator set for Gerlos I is proof of ANDRITZ’ good position in the Austrian hydropower market and excellent generator know-how.

Technical Details:
Scope output: 92 MVA
Head: 610 m
Speed: 500 rpm
Voltage: 12.5 kV



February 2021:



ANDRITZ to supply two motor-generators for Austria's most modern pumped storage power plant



January 2021: CCGT Teverola, Italy – Successful emergency repair of a steam turbine generator

The Teverola power plant is a combined cycle power plant fueled exclusively by natural gas. It is located in the province of Caserta, about 20 kilometers north of the city of Naples, Italy and has a total installed electrical power of 400 MW (1 x 150 MW, 1 x 250 MW) and an annual production capacity of 2.5 TWh. Operations are managed by SET, a Repower Group company.


Beginning of October 2020, SET informed ANDRITZ about a ground fault on the 150 MW steam turbine generator. The electrical test has shown a single-phase fault to ground of a bottom bar. Considering the information, which was available by that time, ANDRITZ proposed a partial rewind as the best time- and cost-effective solution. Preparation of the tools and materials as well as the travel arrangements started immediately after receiving the purchase order. The work started just one week after receiving the first enquiry.

After disassembly of the bars, further damaged bars and failures in the core were detected. Together with SET it was decided to perform a full rewind and temporary repair of the core to bring the generator back into operation as quick as possible, until a full replacement of the generator can be done. A core induction test was performed in order to confirm the success of the temporary core repair. As a risk mitigation measure, ANDRITZ installed a permanent instrumentation to monitor the temperatures and to react in case they rise above the given limits.

After installation of a new stator winding, which was manufactured by ANDRITZ, the electrical tests were successfully completed by mid of December 2020. Only eight weeks after start of the works, the new wound stator was handed over to the customer.

This short-term repair is a perfect example of the high competence and flexibility of ANDRITZ and its turbo generator service team to support our customers with optimized solutions in case of emergency – always following the philosophy „Turbo Generator Service to Extend Your Assets Life Time”. For about 70 years, ANDRITZ is developing, designing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art turbo generators up to 350 MVA. Until today, more than 1,380 turbo generators with a total output of over 147,000 MVA were manufactured and delivered to more than 75 countries by ANDRITZ.

Technical Details:
Total output: 400 MW
Scope: 150 MW

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