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September 2021: Peccia, Switzerland – Supply of four Pelton runners

Officine Idroelettriche della Maggia SA (OFIMA) has awarded ANDRITZ Hydro in Kriens, Switzerland, a contract to supply four Pelton runners for the Peccia power station in Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

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ANDRITZ will supply four new Pelton runners for the two machine sets of OFIMA's Peccia power station, including all necessary elements for coupling the runners to the existing generator shafts. The scope of supply also includes components for the installation of the new runners in the existing machines and adaptation work on the existent components. To ensure compatibility between the existing machine and the new runner and thus guarantee smooth operation ANDRITZ will carry out all the necessary analyses, calculations, tests, and measurements. 

Calculatory demonstations of the offered efficiencies, cavitation limits, and other calculations and measurement reports concerning vibrations and noise are also part of the supply. The runners will be manufactured in the mechanical workshops of ANDRITZ Graz, Austria. Assembly and commissioning will be carried out under ANDRITZ supervision together with OFIMA's experienced personnel.

This is another order for ANDRITZ's global Pelton competence center in Kriens, Switzerland, where modern and highly efficient Pelton runners are developed for the whole world.

Technical Details:
Total output: 47 MW (2 Machines with Twin-Peltonturbines x 23.5 MW)
Head: 425 m
Voltage: 12 kV
Speed: 300
Runner diameter: 3,260 mm

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May 2021: HPP Marckolsheim, France – Supply of the largest Kaplan’s discharge ring of France


ANDRITZ signed a contract with EDF (Electricité de France) for the supply of one embedded discharge ring for the largest Kaplan unit in France (runner diameter 7,240 mm, weight 30 tons, output 40 MW).

Marckolsheim is a run-of-river power plant located on the Rhine river at the border between France and Germany, approximately 60 km south of the city of Strasbourg. Built in 1961, it includes four Kaplan units and it has a total installed capacity of 156 MW. As most of the upstream water projects of the Grand Canal of Alsace, it is combined with locks which allow ship navigation between Basel and Strasbourg.

The scope of supply for ANDRITZ includes the dismantling of the existing embedded discharge ring and the design, manufacturing, supply and installation of the new discharge ring for unit G3. The dismantling of the existing discharge ring is a challenge since it is embedded in concrete. ANDRITZ will need to cut it off with the concrete around it, by the mean of circular saw and hydro demolition technique. ANDRITZ has specifically designed a dust proof containment chamber to allow the civil engineering sub-contractor to perform this operation while the other three units are in operation.

The project will be carried out by our ANDRITZ teams from Switzerland. The site activity will start beginning 2022 and will be performed in parallel with the execution of another contract awarded to ANDRITZ for the replacement of the generator stator on the same unit.

This order is further strengthening the good cooperation between ANDRITZ and EDF, for whom we have successfully executed several important projects in France recently such as La Coche, Grand Maison, Villarodin, and Rivière de l’Est.

Technical details:
Total output: 156 MW
Scope output: 40 MW
Head: 15.5 m
Speed: 75 rpm
Runner diameter: 7,240 mm
Weight: 30 tons


March 2021: HPP Monteynard, France - Supply of four 90 MW Francis runners

Monteynard Dam, France


In October 2020, ANDRITZ signed a contract with EDF (Electricité De France) for the supply of four Francis runners including a fully homologous model test.

The Monteynard dam with its height of 135m is located on the Drac river about 25 km south of Grenoble. Built in 1962 and with an installed capacity of 360 MW, it is one of the most important hydroelectric dams in France. The powerhouse hosts four generating units with vertical Francis turbines.

The scope of contract for ANDRITZ includes design, manufacturing and supply of the four vertical Francis runners with a capacity of 90 MW each and a weight of approximately 20 tons, as well as the supply of the upper and lower labyrinths, the turbine shaft rehabilitation and the erection supervision. In order to achieve the high performance guarantees in terms of efficiency, low load operation, pressure pulsation and axial thrust, the project contains a fully homologous model test campaign, which will be performed in ANDRITZ’ hydraulic laboratory in Linz, Austria.

The project will be carried out by our ANDRITZ Hydro teams from Switzerland, China and Austria. The model test will be completed in October 2021, and the first runner will be delivered in April 2023.

This order is further strengthening the good cooperation between ANDRITZ and EDF, for whom we have successfully executed several important projects in France recently such as La Coche and La Bathie.

Technical Details:
Total output: 360 MW
Scope: 4 x 90 MW
Head: 120 m
Speed: 214 rpm
Runner diameter: 3,150 mm