Chile - Enriching a Stable Economy

Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous economies. The energy sector is largely privatized, particularly the power industry.

Chilean electricity demand has been growing rapidly over the last decade, averaging more than 7% annually.

A significant portion of this growth has come from increased power demand from the mining sector - the country's single largest industry – and by large urban areas such as Santiago, which alone contains almost 40% of Chile's population. To meet this increasing demand Chile will have to develop its hydropower potential in the coming years.


ANDRITZ HYDRO is very successfully active in Chile and has been since the beginning of the 20th century. The first project, HPP Santiago, was completed in 1908. Since then ANDRITZ HYDRO has delivered or modernized about 140 units in Chile with a total output of 1,365 MW. Among these references are major hydropower plants such as HPP Pan­gue (467 MW), HPP El Toro (484 MW), HPP Angostura (316 MW), HPP Alfalfal I (188 MW), HPP Higuera (182 MW), and HPP Chacayes (130 MW). During recent years ANDRITZ HYDRO has been involved in a lot of projects, recognizing increasing investment in small hydro development. In the last two years alone, equipment for nine small hydropower plants has been delivered and commissioned. The modernization works for five further small hydropower plants are ongoing.

Spillway at HPP Angostura, the third hydropower plant in a cascade at the Bío Bío River

Spillway at HPP Angostura, the third hydropower plant in a cascade at the Bío Bío River

HPP Embalse Ancoa:

In April 2015, ANDRITZ HYDRO signed a contract with Hidroelectrica Embalse Ancoa S.p.A. for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment for the new Embalse Ancoa hydropower plant located 200 km south of Santiago. The planned project will comprise a new power house, for which ANDRITZ HYDRO will deliver two horizontal 13.75 MW Francis turbines, generators, mechanical auxiliaries, electrical power systems (EPS), automation, as well as a tele control center. Commissioning is scheduled for January 2017. HPP Embalse Ancoa will provide about 86 GWh per year of clean energy to the Chilean Central Interconnected System (SIC).

HPP Ñuble:

Hidroelectrica Ñuble SpA, a subsidiary of the Chilean power holding company Electrica Puntilla S.A.  and  ANDRITZ HYDRO have signed a contract for the complete electro- and hydro-mechanical equipment of the new Ñuble hydropower plant.

The Ñuble run-of-river power plant is located 4.8 km upstream of the town of San Fabian in the Bío Bío region and uses the water of the Ñuble River and its tributaries.

ANDRITZ HYDRO’s scope includes supply, installation, supervision, commissioning, and on-site training for two vertical 71 MW Francis turbines and governors, two butterfly inlet valves including hydraulic control, two synchronous 75 MVA generators with static excitation systems, the electrical power systems, the mechanical auxiliariary sys­tems, as well as the complete systems for automation, control and protection (ACP), including communication with the national dispatch center. Furthermore,  six spillway radial gates (head: 22.4 m), two channel radial gates (head: 8.2 m), one intake wagon gate, and two draft tube gates are also part of the delivery.

The start of commercial operation is planned for July 2019.

HPP Convento Viejo:

Sociedad Con­cesionaria Embalse Convento Viejo S.A. has awarded ANDRITZ HYDRO a contract for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment for the new Convento Viejo hydropower plant. The project will comprise a greenfield power house, for which ANDRITZ HYDRO is going to de­liver two 9 MW Compact axial turbines, generators, mechanical auxiliaries, electrical power systems, transformers, as well as a sub­station, unit and plant automation, and the tele control center. Commissioning and handing over of the whole plant to the customer is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. HPP Convento Viejo will have a total output of 18 MW, providing about 68 GWh per year of clean energy for the SIC.

As a result of water shortages and increasing power demand, major hydro projects will be developed and reservoirs will be needed in Chile. ANDRITZ HYDRO is ready to support its clients with state-of-the-art technology and know-how.


Population17.95 Mio.
Access to electricity99.6%
Installed hydro capacity6,200 MW
Hydro capacity under construction350 MW
Share of generation from hydropower27%
Hydro generation17,400 GWh
Technically feasible hydro generation potential162,232 GWh               

Source: Hydropower & Dams World Atlas 2015 and the World Bank   

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