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ANDRITZ to provide Enel Green Power hydro plants in Latin America with digital platform for predictive maintenance

ANDRITZ has been awarded by Enel Green power, the Enel Group’s global business line dedicated to renewable energy, a 36-months O&M contract for the implementation of predictive maintenance digital services at the company’s hydro fleet in Latin America.
More specifically, the contract applies to 44 hydro power plants above 50 MW located in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia for a total installed capacity of around 9,900 MW.

These services will set forth a game changing review of O&M concepts and strategies, fostering a switch from a preventive approach to a truly predictive one.

A significant portion of the project will focus on the ANDRITZ Metris-DiOMera digital platform, which will be developed specifically and partially adapted to Enel Green Power’s needs. The platform will be installed in the cloud and connected to the hydro plants through a huge and complex database.

The system will monitor, manage, analyse the facilities’ data, based on meta-model and machine learning concepts, to predict the plants behaviour and anticipate critical issues or increasing performances by using failure modes concept, key diagnostic indicators (KDI) and key trend indicators (KTI). The display will have a flexible and powerful dashboard interface suitable for Enel Green Power operators and ANDRITZ service support, fully in line with the customer ticketing and reporting process.

The scope of the project also includes activities in the power plants (assessment of the signals, data gathering), activities in ANDRITZ premises (gap analysis, data modelling), activities in the cloud (system implementation, tuning, data monitoring, diagnostic and predictive outcome, reporting data quality performance monitoring, notification and ticketing).

For ANDRITZ, the awarding represents a very important step forward in terms of O&M digitalisation, a significant reference for added value O&M services with an extremely great resonance in the hydro community.
The awarding is also an opportunity to handle big data from many different plants, a strong boost for Metris-DiOMera platform development and last but not least a further consolidation of the historical partnership with the client.

More information on Enel Green Power's predictive maintenance model for hydro plants.

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