VIENNAHYDRO 2016 - 19th International Seminar on Hydropower plants

Visit ANDRITZ HYDRO on the 19th International Seminar on Hydropower plants from 9 – 11 November in Vienna at Schloß Laxenburg on booth 16.

The role of hydropower in the present energy system is subjected to constant change. More flexible operation of existing hydropower plants is needed as well as primary and secondary control gets more and more important.

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  • Booth No. 16
  • Conference Center Laxenburg Schlossplatz 1, A-2361 Laxenburg

Participate in the presentations of ANDRITZ HYDRO:


High flexible Hydro Power Generation concepts for future grids

Johann Hell

1:30 pm

Session 1.1

Obervermuntwerk II
Extremely flexible Power Generation for grid control

Matthias Meusburger

3:30 pm

Session 2.1

Repair of fatigue cracks in Kaplan-blades without dismantling

Josef Mayerhuber

3:30 pm

Session 2.2

Andong Hydro Powerplant Rehabilitation in South Korea
New turbine - generator sets with a unique design

Bernhard Mühlbachler

9:00 am

Session 3.2

Simulation of damages due to cavitation in non-rotating components in a Kaplan turbine

Arno Gehrer/Franz Grundner

1:30 pm

Session 5.1

Grid Compliance of low Inertia Hydro Turbines

Robert Schürhuber

3:30 pm

Session 6.2

Development of a six-stage storage pump
for unit Oschenik 1 at Hydropowerstation Innerfragant

Arno Gehrer/Ivan Zivkovits

11:00 am

Session 8.1

ANDRITZ HYDRO image video (english)

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