Passion for Hydro

All employees at ANDRITZ share the same core values that define how we act and what we stand for.

We love what we do. Our ability to get the best out of ourselves and our technology is what makes us stand out. Times and technologies change, but our passion is always there.

This picture gallery shows photos of our passion for Hydro, taken by our employees worldwide expressing their motivation and dedication to work. We are proud to share them with you.

Passion for Hydro - Another pipe will come

Working on-site under all circumstances and weather conditions ensures the accurate execution of the project. The picture emphasizes the absolute readiness and motivation of our staff to move the project forward. For the pumped storage power plant Gouvaes in Portugal, we are supplying not only the entire electro-mechanical equipment, but also the penstocks including the bifurcators with a total weight of 12,000t ons and a length of 2,500 m.

Passion for Hydro - Understanding and cooperation

The understanding and cooperation of the people involved in a project on site is essential for the success of the whole project. This picture of the handshake of the civil company and ANDRITZ people was taken during the visit of the Prime Minister of Nepal to the site of Upper Tamakoshi (6 x 76.5 MW) hydropower plant in Nepal.

Passion for Hydro - Flatness test of a runner

“Watch the Quality”, Flatness test of runner in our workshop at ANDRITZ Graz, Austria, where this runner was manufactured and tested. The runners were destined for the pumped storage power plant Obervermuntwerk II in Vorarlberg, Austria, which we have successfully commissioned in 2018. (2 x 190 MW).

Passion for Hydro - Water storage

Water storage is an effective way to store water for the generation of electricity for peak load periods. Tsankov Kamak in Bulgaria is a strategically important hydropower plant with storage capability and a total capacity of  86 MW. We have supplied electro-mechanical equipment for Austria’s first joint implementation project according to the Kyoto protocol. Since commissioning in 2008 Tsankov Kamakis producing 185 GWh/year of clean and sustainable energy for the Bulgarian grid.

For more information check out our Large new installation page

Passion for Hydro - Manufacturing expertise for international projects

Components for pump cover for an Indian project are welded in our manufacturing workshop Tiszakécske, Hungary, where we are producing components in top quality with highly skilled and trained staff for ANDRITZ projects all over the world.

Visit the manufacturing page in Tiszakécske

Passion for Hydro - Precise manufacturing

Precise manufacturing is one of the key success factors for ANDRITZ. Francis turbine runner in the manufacturing process in our ANDRITZ Hydro workshop in Prithla, India. With dedication and precision our employees are working with top modern equipment. Automated machining as shown in this picture (Inlet side machining ) is a state-of-the-art tool to achieve best results. 

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More to come ...

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