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Aluminum rolling mills

Exact knowledge of the plant and process technology as well as many years of experience enable us to provide highly developed solutions that secure a leading ranking for our products on the world market in terms of quality and productivity.

From hot-rolled strip to added-value products

Enormous demands by the automotive industry require highest quality products with closest tolerances for our customers. This also means continuously rising technological demands on rolling mill equipment in the line. However, these demands can only be met if the entire process chain is tuned to provide optimum results.

This why, as an innovative company, we have set ourselves the goal of developing a new cold rolling mill for aluminum, thus ideally covering and aligning the entire process chain for the production of flat aluminum products. A cold rolling mill in a 4-high or 6-high design, with perfectly aligned equipment interacting with the mechanical equipment, the technological controls, and the drive system


6-high cold rolling mill, pre-assembled in our assembly workshop

General features of the aluminum mill

  • Coil preparation station in front of the inlet side of the mill
  • Coil inspection station at the mill exit side
  • Sleeve handling and transport system
  • Coil logistics and transport system
  • Full automatic work roll and intermediate roll change without disconnecting the bending and shifting system
  • Ironing roll to ensure good coil build-up with telescoping and avoid strip folds
  • Rolling oil circulation system with compact pump unit design with easy maintenance and reduced requirements for piping and fittings
  • Rolling oil filter system, designed as plate-type filter
  • Hydraulic unit and valve stands
  • Safety and environmental equipment
    • Plate housing with lifting gates and integrated suction hoods to minimize the noise level around the mill, reduce the oil vapor, and enhance operating safety for the operating personnel
    • Fire extinguishing system with very fast extinguishing in the event of a fire by using the additional roll gap extinguishing system
    • Vapor extraction system with air cleaning unit


  • Full automatic work roll and intermediate roll change without disconnecting the bending and shifting system

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