Augmented Reality

Visualization of work steps at the machine or plant

By using Augmented Reality, information can be made visible exactly where it is needed – at the machine or plant. This technology focuses on showing the information in context, which can be quite difficult for complex mechanical parts and thus very useful. This can be done very easily on the spot with a mobile device such as a tablet PC or smartglasses. Operating the machinery and systems with these resources makes things much easier for the operating personnel, and the activities required can be initiated much faster.


A Metris pillar of technology

The new technology brand Metris combines all of the ANDRITZ GROUP’S IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions, which stand for innovation and know-how. Metris is based on the three pillars of technology – Smart Sensors, Big Data Analytics, and Augmented Reality. Portrayal of important information where operations are taking place and always with respect to the product or object are compelling arguments in favor of using Augmented Reality. Other benefits for customers: Conventional operating manuals are converted into digital instructions, virtual tools can be displayed in the real work environment, and users can perform difficult work sequences with a lower error rate.