big data

Big Data

Crucial success factor for IoT and Industry 4.0

If an operator wants to make production more efficient, he must tap into and make use of his existing data. Here, user companies must link such technical concepts as Big Data and Industry 4.0 or IoT to one another in an intelligent way. An analysis of the data by applying analytical methods promises profound insights into how manufacturing can be optimized, what errors can be expected, and – derived from this – when there is a risk of machine failure. Based on these results, appropriate preventive measures can be taken. Ideally, companies will save a considerable amount, enhance product quality at the same time, and increase plant performance.

big data

Big Data Analytics – a Metris column of technology

The new technology brand Metris combines all of the ANDRITZ GROUP’S IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions, which stand for innovation and know-how. ANDRITZ offers scalable, multi-branch IoT solutions down to machine level that can be used for new and also existing machines and systems and supports customers substantially in achieving their goals in terms of productivity and efficiency in the best possible way. Metris is based on the three pillars of technology – Smart Sensors, Big Data Analytics, and Augmented Reality.

With the aid of big data analyses, deviations are predicted using the data obtained, based on historical material collected, comparison models, and process engineering know-how. For this purpose, the data are analyzed automatically and in real time, and they provide a rapid overview of the plant operating status. Necessary control measures can be initiated based on the knowledge of possible effects in order to avoid plant shutdowns for example or reduce consumables.