Smart Sensors

the "eyes and ears" of Industry 4.0

Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments will determine the future of industry and make Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things (IoT) possible in the industrial environment in the first place. Today, Smart Sensors already support dynamic, real-time optimized, and self-organized industry processes. They record the real operating status, turn it into digital data, and provide it automatically to the process control system. New challenges now await these “sensory organs” of industry. When machines communicate with machines, sensors must be intelligent first and foremost. Smart Sensors set new standards in plant monitoring and process optimization by networking with one another autonomously.


Sensors - a Metris pillar of technology

The new technology brand Metris combines all of the ANDRITZ GROUP’S IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions, which stand for innovation and know-how. ANDRITZ offers scalable, multi-branch IoT solutions down to machine level that can be used for new and also existing machines and systems and supports customers substantially in achieving their goals in terms of productivity and efficiency in the best possible way. Metris is based on the three pillars of technology – Smart Sensors, Big Data Analytics, and Augmented Reality. In addition to conventional Smart Sensor technology, ANDRITZ also uses micro- and wireless sensors for Metris. These sensors can be used to collect even more detailed machine and plant data from pre-defined areas that are relevant in optimizing operations.