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D-TECH adult pant –more comfort for the elderly in an aging society

In an aging society, the need for certain hygiene products is set to increase and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

According to a study by the EU, the proportion of people over the age of 70 in Europe alone will rise to a level of 40% within the next decade. Many of these people will develop incontinence problems as they grow older, a typical disorder related to old age.

The latest production line for this growing market is the D-TECH adult pant.

Hygiene pants differ from classic diapers in that you can put them on just like pants. Re-adjustment by means of the side straps – as with diapers – is not necessary. All machines are customizable and offer top-class components and advanced technology solutions for the benefit of customers.


To respond to the challenges of adult pants machines, ANDRITZ Diatec has developed ultrasonic side seam technology, which ensures bonding strength and system reliability without affecting machine speed.

The new ANDRITZ D-TECH adult pant line has been developed according to the latest technology standards and provides the operator with a high-end solution providing high performance and ensuring low maintenance. The result is high-quality adult pants, with strong absorption properties, excellent comfort and low visibility under clothing.

ANDRITZ D-TECH adult pant includes the following features:

  • Different sizes, from discreet to XXL, and customizable shapes
  • Top quality cores with optimum pad integrity 
  • Elastic waistband: 
    • Elastic yarns
    • Inline breathable laminate
    • Pre-laminate
  • Cloth-like or breathable PE back sheet
  • Wetness indicator  
  • Disposable tape

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People 65+ are the fastest growing population group in the western hemisphere

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High-quality adult pants made on D-TECH adult pant

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All details on the D-TECH adult pant line and contact information can be found in our adult hygiene brochure and on the adult pant product page.